For Partner Groups

Do you work with high school students in a group activity?

Idea Leader provides a technology to educate high school students so they can graduate with a globally recognized diploma from Alberta, Canada.

We work with groups that cater to high school students who are interested in combining a world class high school education with the activity you provide.  

Our education platform is very flexible, but still maintains the Alberta Education calendar.  Typical students will start  in September for the first semester and finishing January of the next year.  The second semester start January and ends in June. 

While our calendar year still maintains the typically Alberta semester schedule, each student has the flexibility to work on each course anytime during the day (or even night!)

Example of Group Partners

The Academy will partner with various groups who will organize activities for the students when they are not attending to their school work.  These activities may include:


Watersports and other individual sporting activities


Computer programing and other educational activities


Hockey and other team sporting activities

Christian study and other religious activities


Electrical diagnosis and other trade training activities


And potentially other activities

With the support from an amazing team of educators, our goal is to offer a world class education that fits YOUR world.

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